5 Reasons Why Hiring a Marquee for Your Event is a Smart Decision

Marquee Hire in Sydney is a trend that’s quickly gaining popularity. For many years marquees have been used for weddings, but they have found new applications in the recent years. Some of the places where marquees are commonly used include:

  • Corporate parties
  • Horticultural and agricultural shows
  • Outside theatres
  • Food festivals
  • Exhibitions
  • Charity events
  • Small garden parties
  • Festivals and carnivals

With all these advantages, there’s no doubt that marquees are the best choice for many people, and certainly offer superior advantages over other venues. Read on and find out why marquee hire in Sydney is becoming increasingly popular.

Marquees are stylish and professional

Marquees are stylish and professional and this is one of the major reasons why corporate marquee hire is becoming increasingly trendy. A marquee will add a touch of style and character to your corporate gathering be it a conference, seminar, business fair, networking event or a business dinner. Using a marquee is a great way to break from the usual traditional conference venues since a marquee enables you to inject some creativity into the setting.


If you are holding a big event, finding a venue that can comfortably hold all your guests can be a little bit tricky. This doesn’t have to be a problem when it comes to marquees – marquees come in a wide range of styles and sizes. You won’t have any problem finding the appropriate marquee to host your large audience.

Ideal for any kind of weather

Weather in Sydney can be quite unpredictable, and as such, planning an outdoor event becomes a challenge. Having a marquee event keeps you on the safe side. If it rains, nothing is going to be ruined and things will proceed as planned. If it is sunny, you and your guests can bask and relax in the fresh air with knowledge that the marquee will offer protection should it rain. With a marquee you can be rest assured of a successful event, come rain or shine.


Marquee hire is one of the most cost effective options among the other venue options. If you’re trying to cut down your event costs, you might want to consider hiring a marquee due to the amount of cash it can potentially save you. Even so, you need to consider additional costs that come along with the marquee, such as equipment hire, when comparing your venue options.

Marquees are versatile and superbly unique

A marquee will give you the freedom to choose a special setting for your event. It is a blank space which you can personally decorate to suit your requirements and to blend perfectly with the event theme. Whether you want a low-key look or a high-end setting, you can achieve it with your marquee.

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