A Virtual Reality Made Real

Holographic systems are becoming increasingly important in shows, exhibitions, music concerts, marketing events etc. This expanding technology opens up a whole new audiovisual world. The technology involved in producing holograms is sophisticated and complex. The results can be quite spectacular. At any event where it is used, a holographic projection can take an audience to a whole new dimension. This is a lot more than a simple image projection. A technology worth considering is 3D holographic projection systems for any projects you may have in mind.

What is Holographic Projection?

A hologram differs from the simple projection in a way that the viewer can move around a hologram. It is as if the hologram is existing in the same space as the viewer. There could be a combination of both advanced animation and video techniques, fused together to form a virtual 3D image.

Therefore, 3D holographic projection systems can offer other services, motion capture systems, 3-dimensional holographic displays, along with 3D projection mapping. This is a system that can take a surface, possibly an irregular surface, and protect either a fixed image or a video, onto that surface.

What 3D holographic projection systems can do is to combine the creativity of animators and video producers with the latest holographic technology. This includes 4k projectors. This is a very high-resolution system with a resolution of over 4000 x 2000 pixels. They also use solid state media players. Media storage on these can be very high. These are not disc based systems.

How can “Motion Capture System” be used?

The image projected are real actors on stage and they are joined by a “virtual actor”. The “virtual actor” is present but hidden nearby. The actor is a holographic projection. He or she would appear as if on stage with the other actors. The medium can then be played with. For example, is this holographic actor a ghost? The other actors can walk through his or her “projection” to prove that the actor is a ghost. As with all new innovations in technology, it is up to creators, artists and actors to explore holographic projection. Think back to the advent of the moving picture and television, to see how far these mediums have evolved.

The Virtual Holographic Mannequin

For example, these can be used at airports, gyms, and department stores, In fact, they can be used at any public place for information dissemination. These can be based on actual people or animated characters. All information to any linked “mannequin” can be updated at any time. If information needs to be repeated then there can be an “interactive element” added to the system. This will give the impression to the general public, that they are almost talking to an actual person.

These systems are on offer from Active 8 Events. They are an international company with offices in both London and Hong Kong. A number of major companies have worked with Active 8 to produce a range of highly innovative 3d projection mapping projects. These include Ford, Coca-Cola, BMW and Sony Ericson.

To find out more about Active 8 Events please visit this website:


tel: Hong Kong: +852 3008 5738 or London: +44(0)207 8710489

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