How to Distinguish a Professional Electrician from the Wannabes

When it comes to electrical work, even the hardcore DIY-ers have to surrender. The intricacies and dangers involved in electrical projects are better handled by the professionals. A professional electrician has the proper knowledge and skills to carry out the tasks confidently and safely for the best outcome. With that said, you must ensure that your electrician is a real professional. It’s worth noting that there are many quacks in the market today that you need to be wary of. Finding professional Perth electricians isn’t an easy task – it takes time and effort to find a professional who will is well capable of meeting all your electrical needs.

This post will give you the qualities to look for in a professional electrician and should help you distinguish the real ones from the wannabes.


Typically, professional Perth electricians specialize in particular areas of electrical services. For instance, a commercial electrician specializes in electrical work found in construction sites. Residential electricians, on the other hand, specialize in the upgrade, installation and maintenance of electrical systems in homes and outdoor spaces. A master electrician has acquired a bachelor’s degree in electricity and mostly supervises electrical projects. An electrician who professes to be good at everything might as well be incompetent in all and not an ideal candidate.

The Right Credentials

Unlike home improvement gurus, professional electricians are certified and have the papers to prove it. A license indicates that they have attained the required level of education, passed all the exams as well as the practical tests. Due to the dangers involved in electrical work, a professional electrician will always have insurance to protect himself, you, your family and your property. Therefore, it is always important to ask for proof of licensing and insurance before work begins.

Professional Conduct

Professional Perth electricians can be easily identified by the way they are dressed, talk and the time they arrive for work. An unsettled person who fails to make eye contact while talking to you should be doubted. A professional electrician will not only dress appropriately but also wear a smile as he goes along with the work. Aside from that, a professional will always respect your time. If he runs late for an appointment, for instance, he’ll be kind enough to apologize for the delay well in advance.

High-Quality Work

Another factor that distinguishes professionals from wannabes is the quality of work. Quacks will always try to cut costs by using substandard materials. This will definitely happen at the expense of your property and might lead to fires or electrical shocks later in future. A professional electrician will not trade the quality of his work for anything. If you’re working on a tight budget, he will adjust the budget accordingly and not cut cost without informing you.


Last and not least, a professional electrician will always have a proven track record. That is to mean that if you search for them online, you’ll find reviews about them and they’ll be positive. Besides that, a reputable electrician will tend to be highly recommended by past customers and other people in the area. Usually, unprofessional electricians barely have reviews or testimonials and are never willing to provide references.

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